Using Login with Amazon on Brilliance Publishing

Login with Amazon allows you to securely sign in to the Brilliance Publishing website for placing orders using an Amazon user name and password. After pairing an Amazon ID with an existing Brilliance Account ID, credit cards stored on that Amazon account will be linked with the existing Brilliance Publishing account. Brilliance will not be taking credit cards via phone. Alternatively, you can choose to use Brilliance credit terms as a payment option without registering a credit card for payment. If you have any questions or need to set up a Library or Reseller account, please contact customer service at or call 616-846-5256 (M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm EST). We do not sell our product to individual consumers on this site. Our products can be purchased on

For Libraries, Resellers, Rights Owners wanting to Link Brilliance and Amazon Accounts:

  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on Sign In.
  • Click the Login with Amazon button.
  • Enter Amazon login user name and password on the sign-in screen.
    a) To create a new Amazon account, select Create your Amazon Account.
    b) You will be required to enter your Name, Email and the password of your choice (must be re-entered to confirm). After entering the required information, select Create your Amazon Account.
  • A pop-up will display asking for your permission that Brilliance Publishing access your Amazon profile. Select Allow.
    a) This allows Brilliance Publishing to use your Amazon user name and password to sign into Brilliance as well as your Amazon payment instruments.
    b) Should you decide to unlink your Brilliance Publishing and Amazon accounts, sign into Select Your Account. Select Profile under Ordering and Shopping Preferences choices. You can then edit your profile at this location.
  • Enter your Brilliance Publishing Customer ID. Hit Submit.
    a) If you do not have or know your Brilliance Customer ID, please call Brilliance customer service at 616-846-5256.
    b) Brilliance Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am EST to 5:00pm EST.
  • Once your Brilliance Customer ID is entered, you will be notified that your Customer ID is successful. You will be automatically directed to the website to view titles with your account’s discount and purchasing options.