Shark and I, The

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Shark and I, The

Shark and I, The

By: Cara Lockwood

audio performed by: Amanda Ronconi
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:03/12/2019


They tell you there are plenty of fish in the sea, but nobody mentions the sharks. Plunge into this hot, hilarious audio-first romance by USA Today best-selling author Cara Lockwood!

Getting back into the dating scene is never easy, but imagine my surprise when I sign up for a dating app and get matched with my new business rival.

Rich, mysterious, and gorgeous, Peter is controlling my company's high-stakes merger. Everyone says he's a cutthroat corporate shark who takes no prisoners and guts companies with ruthless precision. But the more I get to know that man behind the expensive suit, the more I see hidden depths that no one else knows about.

Peter and I can't deny our attraction. But are his feelings real, or does he just want inside information about the merger? And when another boardroom power player makes his interest known, I start to I falling for the wrong shark?

One thing is clear: In the world of dating, nothing is simple...but risking it all just might lead to the life of your dreams.