23½ Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You

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23½ Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You

23½ Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You

By: Cyrus Broacha

audio performed by: Avinash Kumar Singh
genre: Entertainment - Humor
publication date:01/01/2019
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23½ Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You is arguably the most incorrect piece of work ever written. Eclipsing even Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, this book is a huge mathematical error. However, once you can bypass the glaring mistakes, which only end two minutes after the book is over, there is plenty of information to be gleaned by the novice male lover-to-be. Although very little of that information will be helpful, I'm sure you'll all join me in saying that the effort was there.

Only in two species do males and females understand each other perfectly. But too much has already been written about the spider and the pigeon. Sadly, very little is known about the human male. This is a sincere effort by the author to make sure that this remains so!