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By: Marc Costanzo

audio performed by: Bahni Turpin
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:03/12/2019
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Outnumbered. Defenseless. Surrounded on all sides. Only one thing will keep her alive:


Celia Miller is the Ravencourt PD's only female officer. When she's not contending with the latest in a long line of lowlife drug abusers and wife beaters who pay more attention to her body than her badge, she has to put up with a police force that refuses to respect her.

But Celia has a job to do, and for months her middle-of-nowhere desert town has been victimized by an increasingly violent gang dubbed "The Illegals". The alien masks they wear have made them an urban legend, but Celia's off-the-books investigation has uncovered the true scope of their criminal operation.

It all comes to a head one blazing hot day when Celia responds to an emergency call - and finds herself ambushed by the very gang she's been investigating. As she takes refuge in a souped-up squad car, all that stands between Celia and certain oblivion is her cunning, her grit, and her fierce determination that if she can survive this day she will bring down The Illegals - no matter the cost.