Philo Vance, Detective, Collection 2

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Philo Vance, Detective, Collection 2

Philo Vance, Detective, Collection 2

By: Black Eye Entertainment

series:Philo Vance, Detective Collection #2
audio performed by: Full Cast
genre: Fiction - Full cast audio drama
publication date:03/26/2019


Created by S.S. Van Dine, Philo Vance was quite popular in books, movies and on radio. He was portrayed as a stylish, very intelligent and cultured private detective – an Americanized Sherlock Holmes – working out of New York. In the movies, William Powell, Warren William, Paul Lukas and Basil Rathbone starred as Vance. On radio, he was voiced by José Ferrer, John Emery and Jackson Beck. Not that Vance needed any help solving a crime, he did work closely with his secretary and right-hand woman, Ellen Deering and his pal John Markham, New York County District Attorney. First heard for a brief time on NBC radio in 1945-46 it enjoyed success in syndication beginning in 1948 starring Jackson Beck.

4/5/49 "The Movie Murder Case"
4/12/49 " The Green Girls Murder Case"
4/19/49 "The Cardinal Murder Case"
4/26/49 "The Cipher Murder Case"
5/3/49 "The Masters Murder Case"
5/10/49 "The Meanest Man Murder Case"
5/17/49 "The Butterfly Murder Case"
5/24/49 "The Hurdy-Gurdy Murder Case"
6/28/49 "The Motor Murder Case"
7/5/49 "The White Murder Case"
7/12/49 "The One-Cent Murder Case"
7/19/49 "The Racket Murder Case"