Guns 'n' Rosé

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Guns 'n' Rosé

Guns 'n' Rosé

By: Robert G. Barrett

series:Les Norton #11
audio performed by: Dino Marnika
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:12/01/2015
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Norton needed a holiday—anywhere—as long as it was out of Bondi. Price was only too willing to oblige—Les could have his house at Terrigal. All he had to do was look after George Brennan’s nephew for a week while he was there.

Jimmy Rosewater was young, cool and the original browneyed handsome man. But, Jimmy was also supposed to be in jail. Before he knows it, Norton is fighting off the usual yobbos looking for trouble and getting shot at by feral bikies… and all the time Les has a feeling Jimmy’s up to something.…