Slam the Big Door

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Slam the Big Door

Slam the Big Door

A Novel

By: John D. MacDonald

audio performed by: Stephen Hoye
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:11/05/2019


A classic novel by John D. MacDonald with an exclusive introduction written and read by Dean Koontz.

When Mike Rodenska, a former journalist still grieving the loss of his wife, pays his old war buddy Troy Jamison a long overdue visit in Florida, he’s shocked at what he finds. Behind the indulgent exterior of Troy’s lush beach life—the parties, the year-round suntans, the shapely women, the infectious devil-may-care attitude of Troy and his friends—Mike senses inevitable disaster. Troy surrendered his life to drink once before. But now his second marriage is failing, his career is in shambles, his stepdaughter is making passes at him, and he seems to be losing his mind. The only question is: Why? His old friend’s downfall is one story that Mike feels compelled to investigate—for Troy’s sake, and for his own.