All Things Nice

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All Things Nice

All Things Nice

By: Sheila Bugler

series:DI Ellen Kelly #3
audio performed by: Zara Ramm
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:03/15/2019


Charlotte Gleeson is living the life she always dreamed of, but it's nothing like she imagined. Her daughter hates her, her husband is having an affair, her drinking is out of control. And now she’s the prime suspect in a murder investigation …

For DI Ellen Kelly, this is her first big investigation in eight months – since she let a serial killer get away. There’s an awful lot riding on a good result, which means keeping up the pressure on Charlotte Gleeson and her messed-up family.

As Ellen investigates, it becomes clear the Gleesons are harbouring some dangerous secrets. The more she digs, the more she uncovers … and the closer she comes to a deadly confrontation.

All Things Nice is the third in the Ellen Kelly series of crime novels.