Redemption of a Wolf

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Redemption of a Wolf

Redemption of a Wolf

By: T.S. Joyce

series:Red Dead Mayhem #4
audio performed by: Kathryn Lynhurst
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Paranormal
publication date:04/16/2019
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Mountain Lion shifter Trina Chapman is having a rough year. Trying to find her legs over the loss of her Clan, she has bought a local bar and just needs to keep her focus until it can pay the bills. That would probably be easier to do if she didn't have a rogue werewolf sniffing around and showing up in unexpected places. She knows she's being hunted, and her first look at Kade's inner wolf should have her running for the hills, but for some reason, the more she learns about him, the more interesting he becomes. She'd been resigned to tackle life alone, but he's dependable in unexpected ways. And when she starts learning how thoughtful and protective and caring the bad-boy outlaw werewolf really is, she starts thinking he just might be a good match for a shifter like her. That is, until she realizes she's not the only one being hunted.

Kade is good and done with people. Newly pledged to the Blackwood Crow Clan, he's used to doing things on his own. Independence can get a rogue shifter into big trouble quick though, and he's fighting fires his new Clan doesn't know about. His life revolves around three things: keeping his step brothers safe, changing into a monstrous wolf for days at a time...and Trina. One look at her and he's done for, but she deserves much better than a man who can't even keep her safe from himself. His wolf is out of control, and Kade is spiraling down a path he can't come back from. But maybe...just maybe...the girl that he loves enough to stay away from could be the key to his redemption.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.