Lydia's Passion

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Lydia's Passion

Lydia's Passion

By: Tracey J. Lyons

series:Women of Surprise #2
genre: Romance - Historical Romance
publication date:12/18/2012
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Lydia's aunt Margaret always had a way of meddling in the lives of her three nieces, so it was not shocking to hear that Aunt Margaret had appointed Lydia to be the new schoolteacher in the town of Surprise.

Lydia is horrified to think that she'll be in charge of a room full of screaming children. She has no experience and cannot believe that this tragic fate has befallen her.

To make matters worse, Alexander Judson, the head of the school board and the local carpenter who built the school, has serious doubts about her abilities.

Determined to prove him wrong she throws herself into the position. No one is more surprised by her natural abilities than Lydia herself, but Alexander is still not convinced. His two children are students at the school and bring home glowing reports of Lydia. Clearly the two young children adore her.

Ever since Alexander's wife died tragically in a freak accident, he was determined that no woman would ever hold his heart, or the heart of his children. Lydia is convinced that Alexander is a wretched man and worries for the well-being of his children. It will take an accident, a little interference from the townspeople, and some forgiveness on both their parts for the two to realize that they are passionate about each other.