Lux Radio Theatre, Collection 2, The

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Lux Radio Theatre, Collection 2, The

Lux Radio Theatre, Collection 2, The

By: Black Eye Entertainment

series:The Lux Radio Theatre Collection #2
audio performed by: Full Cast
genre: Fiction - Full cast audio drama
publication date:03/19/2019


The Lux Radio Theatre was one of the most prestigious and longest running shows from Radio's Golden Age. It featured the greatest stars in Hollywood appearing in hour-long radio adaptations of their biggest motion pictures. Cecil B. DeMille was the host (from 1936-1945) for a lavish production of what was to become a veritable checklist of many of Hollywood's best films from the mid -1930s through the mid -1950s. The stars of the movie usually appeared in their audio counterparts, although sometimes contracts or schedules meant that another actor took the part. The productions were broadcast live, with a full orchestra, in front of a large studio audience. Sponsored by Lever Brothers, the makers of Lux Soap, The Lux Radio Theatre came to radio in 1934 and lasted until 1955 for a total of 926 hour-long broadcasts. It transitioned to TV in 30-minute weekly installments in 1950 with James Mason as host.

2/27/39 "Ceiling Zero" w/ James Cagney and Ralph Bellamy
3/20/39 "It Happened One Night" w/ Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert
10/2/39 "You Can't Take It With You" w/ Edward Arnold, Robert Cummings and Fay Wray
5/20/40 "Midnight" w/ Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche
10/7/40 "Wings of the Navy" w/ George Brent, John Payne and Olivia de Havilland
12/1/41 "A Man's Castle" w/ Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman