Killing Game, The

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Killing Game, The

Killing Game, The

By: J.S. Carol

audio performed by: William Hope
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:05/15/2019


You have four hours to save your life. What would you do?

It was supposed to be just a routine lunch meeting for JJ Johnson. Meeting clients and swapping gossip. Until an armed gunman walks in, forcing her into a fight for her life.

But this is no random attack – the twisted individual knows everything about each of the wealthy diners. And soon, it becomes clear that he wants something more than money.

The terrifying stranger wants to play a game – but can JJ find a way to save the lives of those left around her? If she can’t, how far will she go to save herself?

An utterly gripping, fast-paced psychological thriller, with a twist that will leave you shocked to the core… Fans of Harlan Coben, Peter Swanson and Linwood Barclay will be captivated.