Price of Honor, The

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Price of Honor, The

Price of Honor, The

The Making of a Man

By: Aleatha Romig

audio performed by: Brian Pallino
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:03/26/2019
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From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes the haunting story of love and honor. An epic tale of devotion and sacrifice spanning thirty years, bidding the characters, as well as readers to ponder the questions...

What price is too high?

What prize too big?

What sacrifices too many?

On the day Oren Demetri approaches Carmine Costello, the don of one of the most powerful crime families in New York, to ask for his niece's hand in marriage, Oren gives his word, his life, and his loyalty.

But is the cost his soul?

Follow this journey set within the dangerous life of New York's dark and infamous Mafia world as fidelity is tested and the price of honor negotiated.

Is true love enough when everything that is held dear is on the line?

How much can be gained and how much lost when a man's honor is at stake?

Have you been Aleatha'd?

Formally titled Respect, this is a stand-alone novel.