Very Public Scandal, A

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Very Public Scandal, A

Very Public Scandal, A

By: Jennifer Bacia

audio performed by: Belinda McClory
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:06/15/2019


Against backdrops of London, Paris, Warsaw and Sydney, Marianne, a beautiful European refugee, marries into a wealthy establishment family. But a mystery lies at the heart of the unusual union.

Haunted by her past, and rejected by a powerful mother-in-law who is determined to destroy this nobody who has ‘trapped’ her son, Marianne is pushed to the edge. In the scandal that follows, she is forced to pay a shocking price.

Almost three decades later, Marianne’s daughter Eve, a high profile media star, is tormented by the mystery of her parents’ past. When her search for the truth finds her charged with murder, Eve’s only hope lies in betraying the woman who has become her closest confidante.