We Can, We Will, We Must

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We Can, We Will, We Must

We Can, We Will, We Must

A story of love & inspiration to win life when it hits you hard...

By: Saranya Umakanthan

audio performed by: Nandita Dubey
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:06/18/2019


"Just as an eagle needs a push to soar into the sky, she needs a gentle nudge to achieve her dreams. And if she falls, he will be there to catch her, lift her, and push her again until she flies to stars....”

Love...does it mean going around the trees in Switzerland, singing tra-la-la-la in the snow? Is it chanting an “I love you” mantra a thousand times a day? Is it about gifting teddies and roses to your partner? Or is it bombarding each other with a thousand and one pings in messenger from morning till night?  

Life batters Samaira. Stuck to these clichés, she loses everything...her love, parents, and wealth. Hopeless, she collides against the dynamic boss of Creative Tanks (CT), Vivian, who basically holds great contempt for losers. He aims to be the top entrepreneur in India, whereas Samaira has not even a notion of her dreams.  

Fate plays its own game when she goes in search of work, where she encounters him again. An air of mystery surrounds her, which tugs at him. Despite being opposites, sparks fly, and they are attracted. Vivian is perfect, but she vows that she will never fall in love again. He reaches a point where he would do just about anything to bring back the smile on her face. The chase begins. She keeps running away...from love, hope, and aspirations, and he keeps trying to bring her back on track.  

Thus their journey begins from the end, with oodles of inspiration and love.... Vivian breaks Samaira's shell and guides her into pursuing her broken dreams. He promises that he will be there for her if life pulls her down and hold her tight when she needs support. Together, they vow to each other, “We can. We will. We must.”  

But when Vivian tumbles and it is Samaira's turn to break his fall, will she catch him? Walking on the arduous path of life, will they climb the ladder of success together or crash and burn? Can love be enough of a catalyst to attain their dreams?  

And now life threatened not to throw just lemons but huge melons...