Perfect Pines

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Perfect Pines

Perfect Pines

By: Crystal Harper

series:The Pines #3
audio performed by: Maxine Mitchell, Greg Tremblay
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:06/18/2019
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You'll know when it's right. 

Summer and Jake couldn't appear to be happier. Their special day is just around the corner, and half of the town has been involved in the preparations. 

Unfortunately, the two most important people haven't had a say in a single aspect of the wedding. Summer's studio is always packed with students, and Jake's store is thriving, so they allow Summer's mom to take over the planning. 

But with the approach of the wedding date, they're faced with the threat of an impending forest fire that's beginning to devastate their home state of Vermont. Separated as the threat turns to reality, Summer not only fears her day may be ruined, but she also worries someone close to her might not survive the natural disaster. 

Will Summer and Jake have their happy ending? Can devastation be transformed from heartbreak to bliss? 

Find out in the exciting sequel to Patient Pines.