Widow Town

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Widow Town

Widow Town

By: Joe Hart

audio performed by: Jay Snyder
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Horror
publication date:07/09/2019
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In the future there is no such thing as a serial killer.

A breakthrough research project has detected an active gene present in all known psychopaths and developed a vaccine to make it completely dormant. People are inoculated at birth. Society has rejoiced the extinction of the sociopathic mind.

There hasn't been a serial killing in America in over 40 years.

Sheriff MacArthur Gray resides in the future but lives in the past. His world views have chased him from a large metropolis to his home town, but there is no sanctuary to be found after he arrives.

Because people are dying and only he can see the truth.

A psychopath has somehow survived and is thriving in the new world. Soon Gray is thrust into a nightmarish race against the killer where no one is safe, and everyone is a suspect.