Mated to the Capo

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Mated to the Capo

Mated to the Capo

A Paranormal Mafia Romance

By: Georgette St. Clair

series:Mafia Shifters #1
audio performed by: Maxine Mitchell
genre: Romance - Paranormal Romance
publication date:07/16/2019


After an epically bad blind date, and far too much tequila, waitress/bike messenger Zoey Eastgate swore off men forever and got a tattoo that says "love bites". Maybe she shouldn't have tempted fate. Because now love, in the form of a very powerful Mafia wolf, has bitten her right on the ass, on a full moon. And according to the Blood Oath Pack, the “moon-bite” means she is now the mate of Dominic Lombardi.

Now her new “husband” is appearing everywhere - no matter how far she runs and no matter how well she hides. He's crowding her world, refusing to take no for an answer, letting her know that on the next full moon, she'll be his bride. If only her body didn't respond so strongly to the Capo of the most corrupt mob pack on the west coast. If only he didn't threaten her family and her livelihood one minute - and then serenade her with sexy Italian love songs which she can't understand a single word of, the next.

If only new dangers weren't rearing their ugly head and threatening not just Zoey, but all of Encantado, the supernatural sin city she calls home. When dark magic comes too close to home, will she stop running long enough for her wiseguy werewolf to claim his bride - or will she find herself fitted with a cement overcoat, sleeping with the fishes?