Terminus Cut

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Terminus Cut

Terminus Cut

By: Rick Partlow

series:Wholesale Slaughter #2
audio performed by: Marc Vietor
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:08/13/2019


Mercenaries with a mission.

Logan Conner has given up the life of a warrior prince to become Jonathan Slaughter, a mercenary captain of a rough-and-ready band of mech-jocks for hire. 

Already legendary throughout the Periphery, their next job brings them head to head with the Jeuta, militant aliens who seek to loot and plunder isolated human colony worlds. 

The fearsome Jeuta raiders will task Logan to his limits, but they're only a sideshow to Wholesale Slaughter's real operation objective - locating a treasure trove at the legendary Terminus Cut outpost containing enough ancient Imperial technology to give his people a fighting chance. 

Don't miss book 2 in this explosive new military sci-fi series!