Still Not Into You

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Still Not Into You

Still Not Into You

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

By: Nicole Snow

series:Enguard Protectors #2
audio performed by: Aubrey Vincent, Jim Steele
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:08/13/2019
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No way. No how. Never. And if he calls me darlin' one more time...  

He pushes buttons I didn't even know I had. Gabe freaking Barin. Fire to my ice. Walking mountain. Growly, alpha, and achingly kind. Last man on earth I want in my life.  

But I've got three heaping problems: 1. My baby niece is missing. 2. Some psycho just slashed up my car. 3. My boss made Gabe my personal protector.  

I'm a big girl in a tiny package. Sharp claws. Perfectly capable. So I'll ignore the jaw-dropping banter Goliath drops. I'll ignore how his Louisiana drawl melts damn near everything. I'll ignore how he's five times my size.  

I'll even ignore the night hate gets complicated. Then our battle moves between the sheets. Gabe gives me a hundred new toe-curling reasons to curse his name. But there's one nagging thing I can't fight. What if Gabe freaking Barin is more than a gorgeous bad habit? What if he's the hero I never knew I'd need?  

From Wall Street Journal best-selling author Nicole Snow - enemies-to-lovers to dynamite. Watch this lovable giant tear the world apart to claim his Pixie. Full-length romance novel with fireworks aplenty and the grand finale Happily Ever Afters should be.