Through the Nether

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Through the Nether

Through the Nether

By: Jason Anspach, Nick Cole, Richard Fox

series:Galaxy's Edge: Order of the Centurion #4
audio performed by: Luke Daniels
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:08/13/2019


Nether Ops works in shadows, and those shadows taint all they touch. 

Soren Voss believes in the Republic. But when he puts a promising Navy career on hold to serve as a covert agent, he encounters truths that throw everything he knows into turmoil. After weeks in deep cover living life with ruthless gangs, Soren uncovers a stolen cache of weapons, a mysterious upgraded form of legionnaire armor, and a written oath of loyalty for someone named...Goth Sullus. The agent follows leads that bring him face-to-face with crooked legionnaires, slimy politicians, and a powerful smuggler and gunrunner named Scarpia. 

Soren follows a darkening path to the heart of the Republic, and what he uncovers leaves him wondering not only if the Republic can be saved, but if he's even on the right side. 

US Army veteran Richard Fox, author of the Ember War Saga, teams up with Anspach & Cole to deliver this thrilling stand-alone set in the aftermath of Galaxy's Edge: Kill Team!