Work Fuel

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Work Fuel

Work Fuel

The Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition

By: Graham Allcott, Colette Heneghan

audio performed by: Antony Shuster
genre: Miscellaneous - Health/Diet
publication date:11/12/2019


We all know the benefits of healthy eating, but in practice, it's often just not compatible with a busy, working lifestyle. Grabbing food on the go between meetings, before you rush to the gym, after catching up with friends - there's just not enough time to be fussy - what you eat often takes a backseat.  

But what if that didn't have to be the case? What if what you were eating actually gave you more time: boosting your productivity, increasing your focus, and ensuring that you didn't fall victim to that daily 3pm energy slump? 

Productivity and nutrition experts Graham Allcott and Colette Heneghan present a new way to think about what you eat: the Productivity Ninja way. A new book in the best-selling Productivity Ninja series, Work Fuel shows you how eating well can and should fit into your lifestyle, however busy it is. From surviving conferences and work trips to how to best put together your food shopping list, Work Fuel provides you with an investment plan, promising to improve your performance, focus and energy by changing the way that you eat.