Zeud & the Prophets of Atomic Fire

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Zeud & the Prophets of Atomic Fire

Zeud & the Prophets of Atomic Fire

By: Chris Philbrook

series:Reemergence #5
audio performed by: Raphael Corkhill
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:10/22/2019


Zeud; one of seven and the dragon of flame has taken Abraham and Spoon into her island retreat off the coast of Greece to give the younger Tapper agent time to heal from the grievous wounds he suffered in London. On the outside, Abe seems to be progressing well. On the inside....

But then the news tells of a massive explosion in the Quarantine Zone surrounding Fukushima, Japan. This explosion caused damage to the ruins, but somehow...removed all the radiation from the reactor catastrophe, and left behind the signs of powerful magic.  

Abraham and Spoon bring Zeud to Japan to investigate, and are dragged into a unfolding catastrophe at the hands of those responsible for the Fukushima incident. You see...they were trying to fix Japan’s scar with their magic, but in the process, unleashed something never before combined on Earth.... 

The power of magic, mixed with the power of the atom.  

Time is short before what they have done will destroy far more than Japan, and it’s a race for the two Tapper agents, and the Dragon of Fire to stop them.  

Can the dragon of fire fight a nuclear bomb?