Twelve Against the Gods

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Twelve Against the Gods

Twelve Against the Gods

The Story of Adventure

By: William Bolitho

audio performed by: Ric Jerom
genre: History - History
publication date:11/05/2019


Twelve Against the Gods was an instant best seller when it first published in 1929. In his trademark journalist style, author William Bolitho details the lives of 12 great adventurers - Alexander the Great, Casanova, Christopher Columbus, Mahomet, Lola Montez, Cagliostro (and Seraphina), Charles XII of Sweden, Napoleon I, Lucius Sergius Catiline, Napoleon III, Isadora Duncan, and Woodrow Wilson. Bolitho shines light on both the struggles and successes that made these figures so iconic, and demonstrates how they all battled convention and conformity to achieve enduring fame and notoriety.