Hunting Zero

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Hunting Zero

Hunting Zero

A Kent Steele Thriller

By: Jack Mars

series:Kent Steele #3
audio performed by: Edoardo Ballerini
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:12/03/2019


When CIA operative Agent Zero finds out his two teenage girls have been kidnapped and are bound for a trafficking ring in Eastern Europe, he embarks on a high-octane chase across Europe, leaving a trail of devastation is his wake as he breaks all rules, risks his own life, and does everything he can to get his daughters back.

Kent, ordered by the CIA to stand down, refuses. Without the backing of the agency, with moles and assassins on all sides, with a lover he can barely trust, and being targeted himself, Agent Zero must fight multiple foes to get his girls back. 

Up against the most deadly trafficking ring in Europe, with political connections reaching all the way to the top, it is an unlikely battle - one man against an army - and one that only Agent Zero can wage.

And yet, his own identity, he realizes, may be the most perilous secret of all.