Meant to Be

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Meant to Be

Meant to Be

By: Edie Claire

audio performed by: Vanessa Johansson
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:09/13/2016


From USA Today best-selling author Edie Claire, a 4.5-star Romantic Times Top Pick and winner of the Romance Reviews Today Perfect Ten Award!

When nothing is as it seems, all you can do is trust your heart....

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Meara O'Rourke can't help but feel alone. With her last remaining relative newly buried and her potentially disastrous engagement freshly broken, she makes a resolution to begin her life anew - only to have an unexpected phone call turn her whole world upside down. Her biological mother, Sheila, whom she met only once six years before, lies in critical condition in a nearby hospital. And though the woman once refused to see her daughter ever again - her last wish is just the opposite.

A few whispered words, and Sheila is gone. But the questions she has put into her daughter's head, and the historic stone inn she has unknowingly bequeathed, sweep Meara up into the whirlwind of another life - and a legacy of deception. When Meara begins to have memories of a place she's never been, she realizes that while finding out the truth about her birth and adoption could answer all her questions - it could also tear her apart.