Spy Pups: Treasure Quest

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Spy Pups: Treasure Quest

Spy Pups: Treasure Quest

By: Andrew Cope

audio performed by: India Fisher
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:09/13/2016


Spud is scatty and accident-prone, but good with gadgets. Star is super-smart, and ready to pounce. Together they’re Spy Pups, following hot in the paw prints of mum Lara (that’s Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you).

In their first mission, Spud and Star are staying at Smuggler’s Cottage, with its creaky floorboards, dark hidden tunnels – and a castle with a legend of hidden gold nearby! Soon the Spy Pups are sniffing out an underground adventure....

A thrilling story featuring Lara and her brand new pups, from best-selling author Andrew Cope.