Bad Deeds

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Bad Deeds

Bad Deeds

By: Robert Bidinotto

series:Dylan Hunter #2
audio performed by: Conor Hall
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:09/13/2016


The hero of Hunter - number-one Kindle thriller best seller - is back in action!

He sought peace in the tranquility of nature. But can he tame the violence in his own nature?

At a cabin in the Allegheny National Forest, Dylan Hunter and Annie Woods seek to heal the wounds from their ordeal at the hands of a twisted psychopath. And to build a life together, Dylan promises Annie that he'll abandon his violent ways.

But ideological zealots and Washington's political elites have conspired to terrorize and plunder the hardworking locals. These victims have no protector against the bad deeds of the powerful and privileged.

Except for one man.

A man as ruthless and violent as they.

A man committed to absolute justice.

Because Dylan Hunter cannot walk away - not even if it costs him the woman he loves.