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By: Tiffinie Helmer

series:Wild Men of Alaska #3
audio performed by: Mackenzie Cartwright
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:02/21/2017

description introducing the Wild Men of Alaska.

You've met Lynx in Moosed Up. You've met Skip in Impact. Now meet Lucky in Dreamweaver.

A desperate man...

"Lucky" Leroy Morgan led a charmed life, until he was murdered. Now he's stuck in Limbo, unwilling to move on after catching a glimpse of the future he was supposed to have and the amazing woman who was destined to be his. Using the Northern Lights as a conduit back to Earth, he attempts to seduce her in her dreams, hoping to anchor himself to the physical plane. If he doesn't win her heart, he'll be forever lost.

A tempted woman...

Gemma Star is fairly conventional considering her hippie upbringing. Her biggest fear is that she'll end up like her Tarot card reading mother, who isn't all there. When Gemma starts having out-of-this-world sex with a dream lover, she starts to wonder if she is losing her mind along with her heart. What if her crazy mother is right? If she continues consorting with her Dreamweaver will there be lasting consequences to her soul? Will their love survive? Or is it just a dream...?