Frequent Hearses

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Frequent Hearses

Frequent Hearses

By: Edmund Crispin

audio performed by: Philip Bird
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:07/19/2016


Stars, Starlets, Floozies, and factotums to the film world—Gervase, Fen suspects them all....

Gervase Fen is more at home in his ivory tower than in a London film studio, but Murder can take place anywhere, and aspiring actress Gloria Scott's suicide definitely looks like murder. Oxford don Gervase Fen is at the film studios to advise about a film biography of Alexander Pope. Gloria Scott appears to have had little reason for wanting to kill herself by jumping off Waterloo bridge, but someone has taken great pains to hide Gloria's real identity, and Gervase Fen's detective nose begins to twitch. When a lecherous cameraman is poisoned before his very eyes, Fen finds himself 'consulting' on a far more familiar matter: murder.