Blair, Inc.

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Blair, Inc.

Blair, Inc.

The Man Behind the Mask

By: Francis Beckett, David Hencke, Nick Kochan

audio performed by: Roger Davis
genre: Non-Fiction - Nonfiction
publication date:05/31/2016


Since he left office in 2007, the empire of Tony Blair has grown exponentially. As a businessman he has been unprecedentedly successful for a former public servant, with a large property portfolio and an estimated GBP80 million of earnings accrued in just a few short years. But how has he managed to achieve this?

Being an ex-prime minister comes with certain advantages, and besides his excellent state pension and twenty-four-hour security team, Blair enjoys the best contacts that money can buy—as do those willing to pay him for access to those contacts. Consequently Tony Blair Associates' clients can be found around the world and include the controversial presidents of Kazakhstan and Burma. There is also Blair's role as special envoy in the Middle East.

While his record as a peacemaker is in doubt, the position has brought him into contact with a variety of oil-rich potentates in the region who now number among his most profitable clients. Blair Inc.: The Man Behind the Mask takes a close look at the complex financial structures in Blair's world. From the many layers of tax liability to the multiple conflicts of interest produced by his increasing web of relationships, this book exposes the private dealings of this very public figure.