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By: Emily Jane Trent

series:Adam & Ella #4
audio performed by: L. McCallister
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:05/24/2016


Adam and Ella's fairy-tale wedding in Brazil suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Before they can leave on their honeymoon, old enemies resurface, threatening their joy.

"Unmoving, Adam read it again. And again. No, it couldn't be. His pulse pounded and his heart fell, the peace he'd known instantly shattered by several ill-constructed sentences. The tone was threatening and held added horror in the jagged, oddly arranged paper letters. The demand was clear: You will pay."

Adam will do everything in his power to rescue her from their evil grip. But can the wealthy hero get there in time? Will his brilliance save the woman he craves, or will she be a victim of violence and greed?