Kidnapping Casey

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Kidnapping Casey

Kidnapping Casey

By: Laurann Dohner

series:Zorn Warriors #2
audio performed by: Simone Lewis
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:05/17/2016


Book 2 in the Zorn Warriors series.

All Casey wants is to avoid being arrested on trumped—up charges from her persistent ex-boyfriend. Running through the woods to escape two deputies sounds like a great plan until they catch her. Thinking it’s all over, waiting to hear the snap of the handcuffs, she instead hears a roar.

A huge, tall, muscular man comes to her rescue. She’s being saved by Bigfoot—and he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. The attraction between them is instant, and after spending a little time with him, Casey wants to take him home and keep him.

There are a few problems with that plan. He’s not the legendary creature, but he definitely isn’t human. Argernon is a warrior from Zorn. They do have one thing in common—he wants to take her home and keep her. He’s kidnapping Casey.