Song From the Heart

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Song From the Heart

Song From the Heart

By: Robyn Lee Burrows

audio performed by: Abbe Holmes
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:04/07/2020


Following the tragic early death of her sister, Maddie, Kitty is forced into a hasty marriage of convenience to Maddie’s husband, Ted. She has also just lost the only man she has ever loved. Can she make a new life from the ashes of all she has lost?

Kitty’s sons, Edward and James, are as different as they could be. Edward, the eldest, finds only unhappiness in love and escapes to war to forget the past, while James’ enduring love for his childhood sweetheart stops him from embracing the future.

A dramatic and moving story of the many faces of love, Song from the Heart continues the story of the Hall family, first featured in When Hope Is Strong.