From Smoke to Flames

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From Smoke to Flames

From Smoke to Flames

By: A.M. Hargrove

series:West Brothers #3
audio performed by: Cindy Harden, David Vaughn
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:12/03/2019


“This story engrossed me from page one. I was rooting for Pearson long before I should have because he's so complicatedly endearing.” (Jana Aston, NYT best-selling author)

To put it bluntly, Rose Wilson's life sucks. 

When she finally gets the courage to divorce her abusive husband, she never imagines his prick of an attorney could be so cold-hearted. 

Needless to say, she loses everything, including her precious daughter. 

Imagine her shock when said attorney ends up as one of her new patients at the substance abuse center where she works. 

Rage sinks its claws into her as she throws his chart against the wall. 

How can she remain an empathetic counselor to her worst enemy, bad boy Pearson West, who helped destroy her life? 

Turns out, the cocky bastard, with his startling blue-gray eyes, way too sexy mouth, and tight jeans, soon has her lusting after him. 

Can Rose rise above her hatred - and lust - and maintain her professionalism to help him? 

Or will they both lose even more than they already have? 

From USA Today best-selling author,A.M. Hargrove comes the third stand-alone book in the West Brothers novels. These do not need to be heard in any particular order. This is a full-length, enemies-to-lovers, second-chance, slow-burn, suspenseful contemporary romance. It features surprising plot twists, suspense, and a mix of lovable characters that will keep you listening. If you like raw emotion and mystery, with a bit of humor, then start this series today. 

From Smoke to Flames and all the other books in this series, including From Ashes to Flames and From Ice to Flames, can be heard as stand-alone novels. 

“I was drawn to each flawlessly executed scene and couldn't read fast enough.” (Harloe Rae, Amazon Top 100 author)