Our Broken Love

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Our Broken Love

Our Broken Love

By: Terri Anne Browning

audio performed by: Holly Warren, Sarah McEwan, Neva Nevarre, Violet Applegate, Natalie Nightwolf
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:02/05/2019


Five rereleased novellas, one USA Today best-selling author.  

Our Broken Love is a collection of novellas by Terri Anne Browning, three of which were originally written under a different pen name. Follow five stories of women who don't realize just how strong they are until their hearts are shattered.  

Kari: She's loved him from day one...but over the years, he only pushed her away. Until her 21st birthday, when he turns her world upside down.  

Eve: She's hidden her feelings carefully. But after staring death in the face, she knew it was time to give in to what she felt.   

Erin: After nearly six years, Erin Calloway has finally come home. But she's not alone. What will she do when her past comes face-to-face with their daughter?  

Alexis: She was broken.... She nearly lost everything. Needing a change of scenery, however, drops her right into the past she can't remember.   

Reese: She's been running for too long. But coming face-to-face with MMA champion Kieran Stone makes her wonder if it was time to stop running.