Beneath the Southern Cross

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Beneath the Southern Cross

Beneath the Southern Cross

By: Judy Nunn

audio performed by: Richard Aspel
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:02/15/2019


In 1788, Thomas Kendall, a naïve 19-year-old sentenced to transportation for burglary, finds himself bound for Sydney Town and a new life in the wild and lawless land beneath the Southern Cross.

Thomas fathers a dynasty that will last more than 200 years. His descendants play their part in the forging of a nation, but greed and prejudice see an irreparable rift in the family which will echo through the generations.

It is only at the dawn of the new Millennium – as an old journal lays bear a terrible secret - that the family can finally reclaim its honour …

Beneath the Southern Cross is as much a story of a city as it is a family chronicle. Bringing history to life, Judy Nunn traces the fortunes of Kendall's descendants through good times and bad, wars and social revolutions to the present day, vividly drawing the events, characters and issues that have made the city of Sydney and the nation of Australia what they are today.