Dying for Daddy

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Dying for Daddy

Dying for Daddy

The True Story of a Family's Worst Nightmare

By: Carlton Smith

audio performed by: Dustin Tucker
genre: True Crime - True Crime
publication date:01/28/2020


From the best-selling author of The Search for the Green River Killer: the account of the family tragedy that became one of California's most shocking murder cases.  

On a picturesque street in Sacramento County, California, three healthy saplings stand side by side. But what they symbolize are the deaths of three innocent people - two of them children. The man who took their lives, then planted trees in their honor, was their own husband and father.   

Hearts went out to Jack Barron when his wife, Irene, died mysteriously in her sleep. Soon after, his two young children were also found dead in their beds. Barron claimed they suffered from the same rare genetic disorder as their mother. But when his 52-year-old mother died, also of asphyxiation in her sleep, law enforcement officials finally took action: The fatal pattern was impossible to ignore.   

Was this “devoted” father really a heartless murderer? Did he suffer from a bizarre syndrome known as Munchausen by proxy, whereby a parent kills a child to gain sympathy? With firsthand interviews and exclusive inside information, author Carlton Smith paints a chilling portrait of a man driven to commit the most unspeakable of acts.