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Gold Medals, Grand Slams and Smashing Glass Ceilings

By: Dylan Alcott

audio performed by: Dylan Alcott
genre: Biography - Nonfiction/Memoir
publication date:01/15/2019


The astonishing life of Australia's most inspirational athlete

Not long after he was born in 1990, Dylan Alcott was found to have a tumour on his spine. The surgery to remove it was successful, but left Dylan a paraplegic. Part of an average Aussie family in Melbourne, Dylan experienced his fair share of bullying and loneliness growing up. By early high school he was feeling pretty low -- depressed, overweight and fearful for his future. Then, somehow, he discovered sport -- swimming, basketball and tennis.

Fast forward 10 years or so and the Order of Australia recipient has climbed to the top of not just one sport but two, winning gold and silver at two Olympics and in two sports. Now the four-time winner of the Australian Open, is not only a sports star, but a motivational speaker, triple j radio host, music fan, keynote presenter, business owner, and youth mentor with his own youth foundation. In Game Changer, Dylan Alcott at last tells his story.