Town at the Edge of Darkness

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Town at the Edge of Darkness

Town at the Edge of Darkness

By: Brett Battles

series:The Excoms #2
audio performed by: Allyson Johnson
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:06/12/2018


From USA Today best-selling author Brett Battles comes the second book in a spin-off series from his award-winning Jonathan Quinn thrillers.

Something's happening in the small town of Bradbury. Something more sinister than the disappearance of the woman the Excoms have been sent to find. Something only they can stop.

Ananke, Rosario, Dylan, Liesel, and Ricky have reassembled to undertake their second mission. Seems easy enough: locate the missing woman and be on their way. But not even the mysterious Administrator who called them together could have predicted what the team would encounter.

Inhumanity comes in many forms. The Excoms despise them all.