Payback (The Marshall Project)

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Payback (The Marshall Project)

Payback (The Marshall Project)

By: Natalie Y. Moore

series:Southside collection #1
audio performed by: Janina Edwards
genre: Non-Fiction - Nonfiction
publication date:08/28/2018
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More than two decades after Darrell Cannon was tortured into a false confession of murder, he was finally released from prison with hardly an apology. He wasn’t the only one with a story to tell.

Award-winning author Natalie Y. Moore reveals the fight for justice and reparations engineered by Chicago’s Black People Against Police Torture movement. More than one hundred African Americans were brutalized by Chicago Police Department Commander Jon Burge’s sadistic, state-sanctioned “interrogation” ring that operated within the department for decades. The racist CPD cover-up had no chance against the appalling evidence leveled by survivors. In this landmark hearing, “sorry” wasn’t going to cut it.

Natalie Y. Moore’s Payback is part of Southside, a collection of five true stories about racism and reform, crime and corruption, justice and injustice in Chicago—from the Pulitzer Prize–winning team at The Marshall Project. Each story can be read—or listened to—in a single sitting.