Fair Go, Sport

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Fair Go, Sport

Fair Go, Sport

Inspiring and Uplifting Tales of the Good Folks, Great Sportsmanship and Fair Play

By: Peter FitzSimons

audio performed by: Jake FitzSimons
genre: Entertainment - Sports
publication date:04/15/2019


Sport was never meant to be complicated. No gibberish, no statistics, no talk of green-zones, black-zones, channels and percentage plays, no cheating, no grubbiness and certainly no ball-tampering.

Peter FitzSimons celebrates the good, the generous and the kind in Australian sport, the genuine characters, the national treasures and the special moments when the losers were the true champions and the game, whichever game, was done proud.

Hilarious and heart-warming, this is Fitzy at his passionate best. He reminds us that there really are good men and women in sport, that fair play still exists and that anyone can be a winner.