Secret Life of Souls, The

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Secret Life of Souls, The

Secret Life of Souls, The

By: Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum

audio performed by: Casey Turner
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:02/07/2017


A gripping family drama that brilliantly explores the relationship between a young girl and her dog - and the mysteries that lie within.

At the heart of this psychological suspense novel is the haunting depiction of a family's fall and the extraordinary gifted dog, Caity, who knows the truth. As the drama unfolds, Caity evolves from protector to savior, from scapegoat to prop, and eventually from avenger to survivor. She is an unselfish soul in a selfish world - and she is written with depth and grace by authors Ketchum and Mckee, who display a profound understanding of a dog's complex emotions. With her telling instincts and her capacity for joy and transformative love, Caity joins the pantheon of great dogs in contemporary literature.

Eleven-year-old actress Delia Cross is beautiful, talented, charismatic. A true a star in the making. Her days are a blur of hard work on set, auditions, and tutors. Her family - driven, pill­popping stage mother Pat; wastrel dad Bart; and introverted twin brother Robbie - depends on her for their upscale lifestyle. Delia in turn depends on Caity, her beloved ginger Queensland Heeler - and loyal friend - for the calming private space they share. Delia is on the verge of a professional breakthrough. But just as the contracts are about to be signed, there is a freak accident that puts Delia in the danger zone with only Caity to protect her.

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