Queen Victoria's Revenge

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Queen Victoria's Revenge

Queen Victoria's Revenge

By: Harry Harrison

series:Tony Hawkin
audio performed by: Luis Moreno
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:05/31/2016


Tony Hawkin wasn't really made for the FBI. He rarely hit what he aimed at, forgot his own code name, and had a tendency to panic at the slightest hint of trouble. Now he's gotten himself handcuffed to an attaché case with $2 million inside and stuffed aboard a hijacked DC-10 bound for Scotland, where he's chased through the countryside by the hijackers, Scots patriots, a crazy Cuban colonel, and half the police force. All of them want only two things—the money and Tony's head in a noose.

Once again Special Agent Tony Hawkin must rely on his own brand of expertise to outwit and confound a nefarious array of foes. Tony's plan is simple: lead them all back to London, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and deposit them at the gates of Scotland Yard. There is just one small problem: London is 500 miles away, and Tony has no idea which way that is....