It's a God Thing Volume 2

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It's a God Thing Volume 2

It's a God Thing Volume 2

When Miracles Happen to Everyday People

By: Don Jacobson

audio performed by: Nan Gurley, Devon O'Day, Gabe Wicks, Brooke Bryant
genre: Faith Based - Inspirational
publication date:11/11/2014
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More incredible stories of God's intervention

Some things in life have no earthly explanation. It's just a God thing.

Miracles are not reserved for the characters in the Old and New Testaments; they happen to everyday people today, all around the world. Series creators Don Jacobson and K-LOVE Radio Network (14 million listeners) have joined together once again to produce a remarkable collection of modern-day miracles.

Stories include:

• A man who was mysteriously pulled from a broken truck as it sailed over a ravine
• A young boy who made a full recovery after being trapped under water for seven minutes
• A young girl who defied all medical prognoses and survived after her vehicle was hit by a train
• A mother, compelled to drive across town, who found her nine-year-old son stranded and alone at a busy intersection

Experiences like these are far more common than one may realize. From more than 1,000 occurrences, these 40 stories were chosen for their ability to amaze, encourage, and inspire all who live each day with both faith and doubt, victory and despair. Each day, the sunrise itself is a sign of God's miraculous hand, and these stories prove that it's only the beginning.