Quarterly Essay 68

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Quarterly Essay 68

Quarterly Essay 68

Hugh White on Fading America and Rising China

By: Hugh White

audio performed by: Hugh White
genre: Non-Fiction - Nonfiction
publication date:03/20/2018


Our region is experiencing a momentous transition. The US-led order is fading, and China has become ever more powerful. Today the question we face is not whether we fancy living in an Asia in which power is shared between the United States and China. It is how we feel about living in an Asia in which America no longer plays any significant strategic role.

In this controversial and gripping essay, Hugh White looks at what has happened to the US globally. He considers China's growing assertiveness in our region. He dissects the leadership of Donald Trump. He analyses what all of this means for Australia, looking at marines in Darwin, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the role of Japan, fears of Chinese interference and more.

Above all, he asks: where is this heading? How do we feel about living in a new Asia and how best to navigate a changed world?