Heart's Forgiveness, A

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Heart's Forgiveness, A

Heart's Forgiveness, A

A Chance Novel

By: Joanne Schwehm

audio performed by: Zachary Webber, Mackenzie Cartwright
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:03/06/2018


A heart is made to love, but can it truly forgive?

Filled with confidence, intellect, and beauty, Julie Michaels was comfortable navigating life on her own. But everything changed when she met Brett Chambers and he found a way into her heart.

He consumed it.

He owned it.

He broke it.

Brett knew Julie was his soul mate. She mirrored everything he desired until she wanted forever. Having been burned before, he had no intention of repeating those vows. His refusal cost him what he treasured most - Julie.

Letting go of Brett was the hardest thing Julie had ever done. It tore apart her soul and every fiber of her being. Shattered, she tried to move on, but life had a different plan.

Would Brett's mistake mean losing her forever, or could Julie find it in her heart to forgive him?

This is a standalone novel intended for listeners 18+.