Samsung Way, The

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Samsung Way, The

Samsung Way, The

Transformational Management Strategies from the World Leader in Innovation and Design

By: Jaeyong Song, Kyungmook Lee

audio performed by: Eli Woods
genre: Business - Business-Management
publication date:12/02/2014


An insider's account of the management principles driving one of the world's most innovative companies

Twenty years ago, few people would have predicted that Samsung could transform itself from a low-cost original equipment manufacturer to a world leader in R&D, marketing, and design, with a brand more valuable than Pepsi, Nike, or American Express.

Based on ten years of research inside Samsung and interviews with 80 of Samsung's top executives, The Samsung Way tells the compelling story of how Samsung has grafted Western business practices onto its essentially Japanese system, combining its low-cost manufacturing prowess with an ability to bring high-quality, high-margin branded products swiftly to market.