Rogue Justice

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Rogue Justice

Rogue Justice

By: Geoffrey Household

audio performed by: Robin Browne
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:09/26/2017


After a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler in peacetime, the mysterious hero of Geoffrey Household's classic 1939 thriller Rogue Male goes undercover in the heart of Nazi Germany, scheming and planning for a second opportunity.

When his cover is blown, he makes his way to neutral Sweden and reports to the British Embassy, where his story is not believed, and he is sent back to Germany. With nothing to lose, the rogue male declares his own reckless private war, with no intention of taking prisoners. His crusade against Nazi ideology takes him through Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Greece and finally, via sunken ships and hi-jacked planes, to Palestine and then Africa.

Bluffing and fighting his way across occupied Eastern Europe, he allies himself to Jews escaping their fate in Auschwitz, partisans and resistance groups; always with the Gestapo on his tail. But his enemies find to their cost that hunting a professional big game hunter is a dangerous game. Rogue Justice, written 40 years after the sensational Rogue Male, is far more than a non-stop action thriller. It paints a picture of a Europe lost to the brutality of Nazi aggression and how one noble spirit seeks justice for the cruel wrongs done to the land, the people - and the woman - he loved.

Yet it is in Africa, where he honed his skills as a predator, that destiny, love and death finally combine to conclude our hero's story.