Martha Mayhem and the Witch from the Ditch

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Martha Mayhem and the Witch from the Ditch

Martha Mayhem and the Witch from the Ditch

By: Joanne Owen

series:Martha Mayhem #1
audio performed by: Amy Enticknap
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Middle Grade
publication date:09/12/2017


A laugh-out-loud magical story featuring witches and fun, the first in a series of three books by Joanne Owen.

Martha Mayhem (real name Martha May) is always causing chaos! She just can’t help it, somehow chaotic things just happen to her. Martha lives in the small village of Cherry Hillsbottom with her eccentric grandfather, Professor Gramps and her small pet hog Elvis. Life gets really exciting though when, on her way to school one day, she discovers a rather bedraggled-looking witch in a ditch.

Griselda Gritch (the witch) tells a thrilled and alarmed Martha that she has accidentally let loose a ghastly ghoul that Griselda was trying to catch – and Martha is going to have to help her to get it back again! Griselda, though, is a rather grumpy and difficult accomplice. Can Martha, with the help of Gramps, Elvis and her best friend Jack (AKA Scrambled Egg Head), retrieve the ghoul and prove herself to Griselda?

A brilliantly funny magical story, full of energy and action!